Your Smart Home

Home automation should not be about technology for its own sake: it’s about practical ways to make your life easier and save money, making your home life seem effortless. That’s why we’ll do a careful study of your needs before we recommend solutions.

Lighting Control Systems…

Control your lights on a time cycle or to come on and off (or dim) according to your movements in the house. As well as your system being autonomous, you also have complete control via any handheld smart device, and if required, dedicated touch screen control point on your wall (available anywhere in your home).


Our company ethos is to provide you with the ultimate solution to fit your needs, and because of this we understand the need for a bespoke system. That’s why unlike other companies we can incorporate almost any part of your home into your system, thought to be impossible to integrate. We do this by utilising our programming and electronics experience to give you a truly custom solution.

Energy Saving…

The best feature of a home automation system is the energy saving potential. All your heating, hot water, ventilation & climate control can be on your system, so you never have to heat an empty house, or come back to a cold one again. A lighting control system alone could save you up to 30% on your energy bills.