Home Cinema

Smart Design – Smart Technology

The full audio visual cinema experience is now possible in every living room – but you need the right equipment with the right design to gain the maximum immersive effect. Drawing on our deep knowledge of sound design and the latest technology, we can give you that experience either as a “stand alone” project or as part of an integrated multi-room AV system. See Multi-room AV

A Truly Bespoke solution…

To create a truly great home cinema experience in your home, a truly bespoke solution is required. Many companies will give you an ‘off the shelf’ design, re-using it on many projects. We will give you a completely customised aesthetic, electronic, and acoustic design on EVERY project. We can even design and build unique equipment for you, if there is a feature you require that is not available on the home cinema market.

What makes us different…

There are many companies out there that will claim to offer high quality home cinemas, but what makes us different is the years of industry experience. Our technical Director Alex Eyers has a degree in architectural acoustics and sound engineering and has over a decade of experience in audio engineering, working in several high-end surround sound facilities where the very films you will view on your system are created. This means we are incredibly skilled at creating exquisite cinematic and surround sound systems.

Low overheads, highly skilled….

Our complete design and installation service can be provided to you, for a lower price than you may think. Due to our ‘low overheads, high skill’ company structure, we can comfortably undercut any competitor and maintain high quality products.