Multi-Room – Audio/Visual

With the variety of modern entertainment technology, it is easy to start to let it build up and clutter your house. Multi-room AV is all about streamlining and centralising your audio-visual throughout your house, giving you a seamless experience, and giving you back the control.

Experience and knowledge…

It is a great opportunity to upgrade your system(s), but with so much choice it is sometimes difficult to know what equipment to buy. Using our extensive experience, we can advise you on the best equipment to buy within your price range, and you have the peace of mind with a range of extended guarantees and free technical advice for life.

Centralised AV Rack…

In the modern home many Audio/Visual systems are often needed, sometimes throughout several rooms. Our experts help you unclutter and centralise your A/V into a more fluid experience by creating an ‘AV rack’. This involves putting all your AV equipment (including; Sky/Virgin boxes, Blueray/DVD, Games consoles, and computers) in an air cooled equipment unit, and connecting them to virtually any room in your home.

Project Management….

Depending on your requirement, a Multi-room AV project can become quite large, but it needn’t be stressful. We can work either with designers and architects you have appointed, or use our own design skills, to give you the solution you want at the best price. Before you commit to any work, we’ll sit down with you and agree your perfect solution at a price that suits you. Either way, let us use our skills to create the perfect AV setup for you.